Thesis Projects by Mikael Berndtsson

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Thesis Projects by Mikael Berndtsson

A thesis project is a capstone in undergraduate and graduate education, and as such, it builds and tests the skills and knowledge acquired during your education and training to become professionals. The thesis project is different from a traditional course in several ways; in its size, in its goals, in the form of examination, in the form of supervision and in the form of communication (personal dialogue, as opposed to lectures). A project represents a significantly larger workload than a single course. While traditional courses include lectures and lab work, where the focus is on acquiring knowledge in a specific subject area, the thesis project focuses on deepening your understanding of a subject.

We have written this book with the aim of meeting the needs of students who are close to finishing a B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree. However, several other categories of readers may find this book a valuable companion. We hope that a number different categories of readers may benefit from the book.

Proyecto de Tesis, ha sido escrito con el objetivo de satisfacer las necesidades de los estudiantes que están cerca de terminar un Pregrado o una Maestría.  Sin embargo, existen otras categorías de lectores que encontrarán en este libro un valioso compañero. Esperamos que un número de categorías diferentes de lectores se pueden beneficiar de este libro.


 Part I. Concepts

1. Introduction
2. Computer science and information systems research projects
3. Actors involved, their roles and relationships

Part II. Process

4. The process – an overwiew
5. Developing your project proposal
6. References and citations
7. Developing your aim
8. Developing your objectives and chooosing methods
9. Following the objectives
10. Presenting and analysing your data
11. Drawing your conclusions and identifying future work
12. Presenting and defending your work orally

Part III. Suplements

13. Information-Seeking and use
14. The report
15. Examination
Título: Thesis Projects, a Guide for Students in Computer Science and Information Systems
Autor: Mikael Berndtsson
Idioma: Inglés
Año de Publicación: 2008
Edición: Second edition
Número de Páginas: 158
Formato: .pdf
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Categoría: Ingeniería de Sistemas

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