Gas Reservoir Engineering by John Lee and Robert Wattenbarger

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Gas Reservoir Engineering - John Lee, Robert Wattenbarger

Natural Gas production has become increasingly importan in the U.S., and the wellhead revenue generated from it is now greater than the wellhead revenue generated from oil production. Because this trend eventually will be followed worldwide, we feel that is important emphasize gas reservoir engineering courses at the undergraduate level and to have a textbook devoted to this purpose. This book also serves as an introduction to gas reservoir engineering for graduates students and practicing petroleum engineering.

We wrote this book at a time  of greate change in the computational methods used by petroleum engineers. Most calculations arising frequently are done with computers and either commercial software packages or spreadsheets written by the engineer or an associate.


1. Properties of Natural Gases

2. Fundamentals of Gas Flow in Conduits

3. Gas Flow Measurement

4. Gas Flow in Wellbores

5. Fundamentals of Fluid Flow in Porous Media

6. Preasure-Transient Testing of Gas Wells

7. Deliverability Testing of Gas Wells

8. Design and Implementation of Gas-Well Tests

9. Decline-Curve Analysis for Gas Wells

10. Gas Volumes and Material-Balance Calculations

11. Reservoir Simulation

Appendix A. Dranchuk and Abou-Kassem Equiations of State for Calculating Gas z Factor

Appendix B. Integral Values for the Poettmann Method for Determining Static BHP

Appendix C. Shape Factors for Various Single-Well Drainage Areas

Appendix D. Values of the Exponential Integral

Appendix E. Van Everdingen-Hurst Solutions to Diffusivity Equation

Appendix F. Determining Pressure Derivatives

Appendix G. Well-Test Analysis and Reservoir Identification Worksheet

Appendix H. Deliverability Test Analysis with Pressure-Squared Techniques

Appendix I. Worksheets for Well Test Design

Appendix J. Correlations for Estimating Residual Gas Saturations in Gas Reservoirs with Water Influx

Appendix K. GASSIM Computer Program for 2D Gas Reservoir Simulation

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