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Natural Gas Production Engineering - Chi Ikoku

Natural Gas Production Engineering by Chi Ikoku

This book presents a comprehensive and rigorous treatment of the technology of producing and transporting natural gas. The design of a development plan for a natural gas field always depends on the reservoir and well characteristics, tubing and flowline performance, and compressor and processing equipment characteristics. This text emphasizes a systems approach to natural gas production, since change in each component will affect the performance of the other components.

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Petroleum Reservoir Simulation - Khalid Aziz and Antonin Settari

Petroleum Reservoir Simulation by Khalid Aziz and Antonín Settari

This book is intended for theoretically minded engineers, and practically oriented mathematicians and scientists who want to understand how to develop and use computer models of petroleum reservoirs. This is not a numerical analysis book, although most of the book deals with the use of numerical techniques for solving partial differential equations.

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Gas Reservoir Engineering - John Lee, Robert Wattenbarger

Gas Reservoir Engineering by John Lee and Robert Wattenbarger

Natural Gas production has become increasingly importan in the U.S., and the wellhead revenue generated from it is now greater than the wellhead revenue generated from oil production. Because this trend eventually will be followed worldwide, we feel that is important emphasize gas reservoir engineering courses at the undergraduate level and to have a textbook devoted to this purpose.

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El Gas Natural - Luis F. Cáceres Graziani

El Gas Natural por Luis F. Cáceres Graziani

“El Gas Natural” tiene como objetivo propiciar una cultura gasífera en el Perú, sintetizando aspectos de mayor interés que brinda este recurso como fuente de energía. En la actualidad el Gas Natural es, dentro del sector energético, el combustible de mayor crecimiento en el mundo por las ventajas que ofrece su uso industrial, siderúrgico, petroquímico, doméstico y como fuente generadora de electricidad.

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Applied Drilling Engineering Adam T. Bourgoyne Jr

Applied Drilling Engineering by Adam T. Bourgoyne

Applied Drilling Engineering was written for use as a college textbook in a petroleum engineering curriculum. The material was organized to present engineering science fundamentals first, followed by example engineering applications involving these fundamentals. The level of engineering science gradually advances as one proceeds through the book.

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